Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Cool Costume Hat!

I just love the lines of this hat!!It looks soooo Southern Belle!


sunvalleysally said...

Yes, one of the really fun things about historical ss outfits are the HATS. OMG. HATS!!! Those were the days!

When I had a reproduction 1880 habit custom made (princess cut jacket, gored skirt, from a museum pattern, constructed in lightweight wool gabardine in midnight blue) I also sought out a milliner to reproduce the museum piece hat. She constructed something closely akin to your drawing, with illusion veil and egret feather, in white. You know, I paid quite a bit for that hat but the milliner's stories and pictures in her studio were well worth the price - she was the milliner who worked with costume designed Edith Head in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's in Hollywood. A million and a half wonderful stories...this woman was in her eighties and still crafting scrumptious hats. She missed her locale calling - should have moved to Louisville to make derby hats!

And where is that riding habit now? After I ... ah ... "outgrew" the habit thanks to steroid treatments for asthma which makes a person quite, um, "fluffy", I sold it to a wonderful equine-rescue lady to use as a bridal outfit for her all-on-horseback wedding!

Julie said...

Well - at least it went to someone who used it at the highest echelon of glamour!! Surely though - you must have at least one picture of it????

Julie said...

Also - there is a lady nearby in a small town called Spring who used to design hats for Neiman Marcus. Some of hers are lovely..but also too pricey for me to consider. She also would do a special order hat if I so requested..

sunvalleysally said...

Julie - you might ask that milliner if she does hats at a special price for red hatters. While I'm sure you aren't in the red hat category yet, you will be someday - be ready. Plus this drop of wisdom: if a hat makes you look and more importantly FEEL gorgeous and feminine then whatever price it is - buy it.

Yes I do have photos - taken pre-digital days, will try to scan and send via e-mail and let you figure out how to post them if you wish.