Monday, December 21, 2009

More Art..

I have been asked where I find all of the information I offer to you on my blog. Well, I am always on the hunt..almost anywhere I can imagine. Sometimes people who follow my blog send me things that I use too..and I LOVE that! Thank you!! Most of the art though is found on the internet. Sometimes I find a piece of art with some information about the artist. Then I can do a google search and find out more about the artist and see other pieces of his/her work. More times than not however, I find pieces of art, especially on e-bay, where the only information included is "8x10 print". If it is a nice piece though this one, I still save it to add to the collection we have going.

This is a beautiful print of a pencil drawing..don't you think?

..and this - this is a modern water color..almost comic like.

This one is called Friends and the artist is named as Wallace.

This is a Frederick Remington print.

This one is void of any information and was just entitled Reproduction Art.. was this one.

..and here again..

I LOVE the wonderful fall colors in this print!

When I do a search on e-bay, I learned you will only get a small amount of sidesaddle information if you only search under sidesaddle. Just by putting in a space between side and saddle gave me chapters of new data and art to review. Going a different direction.. I looked up Victorian Riding, Ladies Horse...and so on. I think you get the idea.


phaedra96 said...

I love seeing what you come up with and post. Some of these prints I would not mind having framed on my wall!! You must have quite a storage of items. How do you resist the urge to HAVE it all?

Julie said...

That is an easy question to answer......LACK OF FUNDS!