Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Royalty Aside!

Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco(before she became Princess)

Dutch Princess Juliana

Princess Beatrix

Empress Elisabeth

Princess CeclieHa ha - I wanted to add a picture of me and put "Princess Julie"...but since I am still looking more like a "Constipated Jester"..I thought I had better not!


sunvalleysally said...

It's said that Elizabeth of Austria was so concerned about the perfect fit of her riding habits that she had herself rather ruthlessly tailored into them. That is, alterations performed while actually wearing the habit.

I do think that is overworking the perfection just a bit.

Somewhere in some old hunt books are photos of our own "royalty" riding aside though mostly she chose cross saddle: Jackie O. I think maybe one of those, a black and white snap, was sidesaddle wearing That Scarf and Those Sunglasses.

Hosanna said...

I love Princess Cicele's hat! My goodness! How did it stay put while riding?! Love these pics.

Kaede said...

I have seen a photo of Marie of Edinburgh, Queen of Romania riding aside reviewing her troops during WWI. I can't seen to find a copy of it at the moment.