Monday, October 26, 2009

Sidesaddle - Western!

Here is a collection of Western Sidesaddles. Some are obviously (even to a novice person) Western. This one has quite a bit of silver details...what a beautiful show saddle!

This one has just a bit of silver!

Love the offside pocket on this one.

This one could have fooled me when I first starting learning about riding aside..but it is indeed a Western Saddle.

Love the beautiful tooling on this one.


Sydney said...

Very gorgeous. I love the tooling and colour of old western saddles.

sunvalleysally said...

That last one is a Steele and you would be hard put to find a western sidesaddle more comfortable and well-balanced than a Steele western. Steele doesn't apparently make the saddles anymore (Marti Friddle of Hundred Oaks could give updated info) but you can find them here and there. I've had three in varying tree sizes and they all were wonderful to ride and so well balanced even on round Arab and Morab backs.

Skyhorse Saddlery used to make some really gorgeous custom westerns with intricate tooling and fabulous silver work. Broken Horn Saddlery in California does too but only on commission - starting in the high five figure range!

FlyingHorse2 said...

The third one down from the top is my favorite! Minimal simplicity and the unique pocket detail. Just lovely!

attafox said...

Lillian also has a gorgeous one on her site.

The Skyhorse saddles are beautiful pieces of artwork, but very uncomfortable and unbalanced.

Some day when I have the $$s, Lillian will make me one of hers. Until then, I can only borrow. Sigh.