Monday, September 28, 2009

Woo Hoo!

Took my first riding lesson this weekend ...well actually I took 2 lessons (one on Saturday and another on Sunday) The first lesson was astride. The second was aside. I am thrilled to report that I felt NO pain what-so-ever! It has only been 7weeks since my total abdominal that was a concern.

I felt timid posting the trot ...which has always been the hardest thing for me to master (well I am FAR from mastering it!) ..but as the lesson went forward and I relaxed, it was easier....NOT easy..but easier!

My newly restored sidesaddle is a dream. It now sits flatter on my horses back. Before it was a bit uphill, making the posted trot that much more difficult.

2 weeks and counting until my very first show!!!!

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Michelle said...

Congrats on a successful weekend! That's really great, glad your health is holding up too. =)