Tuesday, September 8, 2009

These Ladies..

are hawking...whatever that is.
I have a lot more to learn!


Kaede said...

These pictures look like they are Pre-Raphaelite painting. Some of what the Pre-Raphaelites painted were Victorian fantasies of what the Middle Ages were like. Middle Ages ladies rode astride or pillion.

Hawking is falconry, sort of. It is hunting with birds of prey. Now things get difficult when you are hawking (hunting with a hawk, usually for rabbits and other large prey and "for the pot" or eating) of doing falconry hunting with a falcon, usually for sport only. Falcons usually hunt small birds by hitting them at high speed. It takes a whole lot of sparrows to get enough for dinner. Some falcons did hunt ducks.

Michelle said...

This is fascinating. I have never heard of it before. You sure do like your riding mixed with all sorts of precarious adventures don't you?!?!?

Hosanna said...

As well as loving horses, I adore birds of prey. Once I rescued an owl from the middle of the road and took it four hours away to a rehab facility for raptors. They do demos with the falcons and other birds of prey they rehabbed and keep there. It is really amazing. I love to watch it. Beautiful, and breathtaking.

Killi said...

I have raptors nesting in the tall trees behind my house. The trees are on my land & tower over everything. I'm not sure what they are ~ Hen Harriers & Kestrels have been mentioned