Friday, July 17, 2009

Take a Peek!

Not sure if you have noticed or not - but I have been adding to my sidebar entitled "Favorite Web Stores". Not every sight is specific for sidesaddle, but I found each to be unique and very fun...although some are quite expensive. Still lots of fun to browse!

Here is a small sample of items:
A Ribbon Display Table

Sidesaddle motif napkins

Equestrian Book that I want!

Top Hat Charm

Custom Saddle cover! I have got to find a way to get one of these for my sidesaddle!


sidesaddle rider said...

Where did you find the napkins????? I have a package of them and haven't wanted to use them because I didn't know how to replace them.
Thank you Julie for posting the story about my Clownface. He was one in a million. I still say to myself, "What did I do to deserve him?" My dream of owning a Saddlebred show horse came true tenfold. I can't imagine ever being so lucky again in my life. Also thank you for posting the link to the poem written about him. It truly captures him.

Canter Banter said...

Neat stuff.

You can find some fun sidesaddle tees here:

Canter Banter – unique tees, tops, caps and gifts for horse lovers