Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marcel & Me ~ Chapter 3

Pam's husband was a pretty laid back guy. He did not bat an eye when she told him she was thinking about buying a show horse. Pam seemed to completely forget that she had just gotten back into riding. Looking back, she realized that she had no business contemplating buying a horse, much less a high octane one. On top of that, the romance of owning a Saddlebred seemed to wash away what an unpleasant cur Marcel was! In the back of her head she thought this might be her only chance to own a Saddlebred show horse.

The very next week Pam spoke to the stable owner about costs, maintenance and Marcel's health. Although in perfect physical condition, he was after all, 15 years old already. The barn owner told her not to worry because "way before he is ready to retire, you will want to trade up to another horse!"

That was all the convincing Pam needed. Marcel Marceau was now her horse and registered into her name! Pam likes to call him Clownface. When she received his papers, they told quite a bit of his story. He has impeccable bloodlines. sired by Ch. Attache, he traces back to Chief of Greystoke, Wing Commander and King's Genius. His Dam was Circus Wonder, a notable 3-gaited mare. Pam's sister Lisa was able to come us with a picture of her after much research and Marcel is her mirror image.

"Back at the barn, I stared with the basics. I had to earn Marcel's respect and he had to earn my trust." Pam reflected.

The normal resentful attitude Marcel wore started to recede the more they worked together. Beginning with in ring astride riding lessons and lots of ground handling, they slowly started to get to know each other. Pam went to the barn sometimes almost daily and it was not long before she started to entertain the idea of showing Marcel.


Hosanna said...

Cool story. Sometimes, the horses we love the best start out as a diamond in the ruff.... and they involve taking a risk to own, but in the end, the situation improves and the horse turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. I know, it's happened to me. Great story.

sidesaddle rider said...

I had to giggle when I saw this. You see I was the rough one. Marcel knew his stuff when I bought him. I'm the one who needed a little polishing. :)