Friday, July 31, 2009

Attn Kaede!!

Your connection for the tents you were wanting to show me did not work...and I am dying of curiousity! Also I cannot comment on your blog for some reason it just keeps saying "error".

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Kaede said...

I have no idea why blogger wont let you post. I've tried to figure that out. I'll work harder on it after I done sewing these bridesmaid gowns. They are not hard, just huge!.
here is the URL for the tents.
I found them when I was working on a story telling festival. They are WAAY more fun than your standard issue rent a tent. Back when I first discovered them, you could buy the "used" tents or rent them for a weekend. I believe the tents are now only one offs. Each tent is made for one customer.
I can daydream can't I?