Monday, July 27, 2009

Aren't You Suppose to Have Surgery Today?

Ummm - yeah. My surgeon called me at 6pm last night to postpone my surgery until next Monday - the 3rd of August. She has strep throat.

I understand it was not her fault and calling off the surgery was the best decision...but I was sooo very stressed about it. It takes a lot to psych yourself up for a big surgery...especially when you have to wait to have it done for over a month...and now another wait.

I won't say that I am scared of having the surgery...but I had a very vivid dream that I awoke from the operation with a beard! So saying that I am nervous would be an accurate statement!


Sydney said...

lmfao a beard? Really? I did a Sikh wedding a few weeks ago and I met a bearded lady. She had an extremely prominent goatee. It was freaky and kind of disturbing at the same time.

Tori said...

That's quite a bizarre dream!

When I had surgery, I took my mp3 player. I made a playlist of all my absolute favorite songs, songs that I could "lose" myself in. I listened to that in the waiting room (my mom was with me and alerted me when they called my name so that I could zone out.) It really helped to keep me calm and not thinking about what was coming. They let me keep it on during the surgery as well (I had to run the earbuds down the back instead of the front, but that was no big deal.) When I woke up I still had music playing :)

It might be worth asking if you can do the same? I used it when getting my wisdom teeth out (which wasn't in an OR) and my grandma used hers when she had her gallbladder removed (which was in a sterile OR), so hopefully they will let you use them! As long at the player/cords are kept away from the area they're working on, it shouldn't be a problem. Doctors would rather have calm patients anyways! You could try an audiobook as well if; I imagine it might be easier for some people to focus on the plot of that, thus not thinking about what is about to happen.

Good luck, stay clam, and heal quickly!