Friday, July 3, 2009

...And Yet Another Project!

This is a used wardrobe that I purchased off of Craigs List for $95.00. Let me make it clear that these pictures make this piece look nicer than it really is! It was still a deal at $95.00...but far from a 'steel'!

I am going to remove the shelves on the right and put in a clothes rack. I will sand the surface and paint it black, then I would love to decoupage some sidesaddle pictures onto the front panels. When it is all done, I will bolt it into the tack room of the horse trailer.
This is where the wardrobe will go inside the tack room:

I have this whole weekend free and am going to start working on my projects. Well actually, I already started last night. I emptied and scrubbed the old steamer trunk. I also removed the old broken leather handles (what was left of them) and tried to remove a deadbolt latch someone added without a care to how awful it looked! It literally will have to have the bolts grinded off ..that is how tight they are affixed onto my poor little trunk! I also filled in some small nail holes with wood putty.I ran quite a few errands last night too after I picked up the wardrobe..going to Hobby Lobby to get just the right shade of copper paint, and to Lowes collecting the rest of the supplies needed to start the work on both of these pieces.


Sydney said...

If you are painting over rusty or was rusty bits with paint make sure you go to the hardware store and get something that will seal the rusted spots before. Learn from my bad mistake there.

WarPony said...

I can't wait to see how this all looks when you are done, it is going to be SOOOO classy.

Tori said...

Your trailler is going to be fantastic! Just make sure you put some type of latch on the drawers; I know someone who installed something like that but when they got to the drawers had opened and their things were EVERYWHERE! The simple addition of a slide latch solved the problem, and didn't look too ugly :)

Good luck!