Friday, June 19, 2009

Sidesaddle Chemesettes

I found a wonderful new web sight called Wild Horse Fashion, where a woman named Cindy sells her hand made creations...mainly being hand sewn historic clothing items. She has made several sidesaddle suits as well as accessories to go with them and her prices are VERY reasonable! I purchased 2 Chemesettes, one in white and one in cream. It gets so hot down here - sometimes even in the Fall that reducing part of the sidesaddle undergarments without sacrificing quality of the costume meant a lot to me. This is a Sidesaddle Chemesette.
It is more than what us old timers know as 'dickeys', but much less than a full blouse and are you ready for the best part? They were each only $25.00!

If you would like to visit Cindy's web store and see some of the garments she has made, go to:

I also added a list of some favorite web sights and stores to my sidebar - all having to do with riding aside!

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