Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Please Pray for Chrissy..Again

I found her in our bathroom breathing hard and salivating more than normal. I noticed she was having a difficult time walking..but no matter what, she would not leave my side. I called the vet and made an appointment. Moments later she was in a full blown seizure. I called the vet again to tell them I was on my way in and why. Don scooped her up and put her into the truck. I drove 90 MPH with my emergency lights on. Chrissy again had a seizure on the 20 minute drive in. I started to cry, trying to hold her on the seat and keep control over our truck.

When I arrived at the vets office, once again Chrissy seized. They gave her an injection, took her vitals, put an IV line in and ran an oxygen tube up her nose. The whole time they were doing this they were asking me questions about what Chrissy had done & eaten that day. I recalled NOTHING out of the ordinary..until I remembered that I had treated her with Advantage Flea and tick treatment.

"Where did you get it?" the vet asked me.
"At our local feed store."
Without hesitation, they grabbed my Chrissy and submerged her into a soaking tank. They scrubbed her with soap and water, especially in the spots where I had applied the Advantage. The vet told me that Advantage was only suppose to be sold by vets and that a different product, under the same name and manufacture was now being sold in other establishments that was much more toxic - especially to cats.

My poor Chrissy girl suffered 4 terrible seizures yesterday because of this chemical...a chemical that I applied on her. She is doing better. She is off her oxygen and thankfully has not had anymore seizures, but we do not know what damage she may have because of the ones she did have. I am just heartbroken about this. Please send up a prayer for my sweet Chrissy.


Hosanna said...

Oh No! Will she be Ok now?! I used a product on my cats that I got at the Feed Store, and it burned their fur off where I applied it. That is when I did a post on it on my blog. Now, it didn't kill all the fleas, so we are still dealing with it. I don't want to put anything else on them so soon, so I am waiting 30 days to try another product.
Has Chrissy ever reacted to it before this? I think I will quit buying flea stuff at Feed stores and go right to the vet for it from now on.
I sure hope Chrissy is ok now and that you are doing better after that scare!!!!!

Sydney said...

Poor girl! That stuff is dangerous no matter what chemicals like that are not nice :C I wonder how on earth the feed stores get away with selling this stuff?

sunvalleysally said...

I only pray for animals--Praying hard for your girl. Curb chain jingles too though that's supposed to be for horses....

OMG. NO MORE CHEMICALS!!!It is a blatant lie by Big Pharma that these things are safe. We trust these manufacturers and then suffer agonies of unearned guilt for having used them when something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

I went through the same thing with my Jack Russell only the Frontline I purchased was through the vet! A week in the vet hospital on IV trying to get his kidneys restarted...I never want to see him or me or indeed anyone go through that. Since that time I do daily fleacombing and leave the chemicals alone. That doesn't work for everyone esp. in climates where insects of every kind proliferate madly, but it works well for us up here in the Northwest.

Killi said...

Could you put garlic in her feed? Garlic is supposed to be disliked by fleas. Tea Tree oil on a comb before combing? My mother started giving her dogs the garlic in capsules she got for herself after realizing that her onion intolerance extended to 1-a-day garlic capsules. She empties the capsules into their feed. Could you do research on natural flea control? I don't like chemicals & avoid them where possible.

My Pireni has done a me! She had anti-puppy injections, but came into season when she should have been covered by it & is now expecting. The father could be 1 of 3 dogs, but I think my young huge (9 hh, not 4 as I said earlier!) was totally unable to do anything except try to protect her as she attacked him if he tried anything & he is far too big for her. He put her on a bed for extra height, but then joined her, so he was no better off! He's also a gentleman & very inexperienced due to his youth. The other dogs kept coming up to me & opening the front door! Piri loves being a mum & was so desparate to be 1 again that she adopted a weaned kitten to feed...

I hope Chrissy did/is doing well.