Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lets Try it Again!

I bought this Sidesaddle cane and LOVE it. It is made of bamboo and tipped with brass fittings. It is not too heavy, but quite strong and firm. Both horses respond well to it's pressure in place of my leg. The only bad thing is that it does not have a topper and sometimes I drop it.

Sooo - I went on E-bay and looked up all kinds of entries until I found this sterling beauty under Parasol Handle! It is really elegant and would have worked - except for the fact that the bottom is much smaller in diameter than the bamboo cane is. It was not a total loss though. You see, I just cut off the generic top of my saddleseat whip and replaced it with this. Now I have a stunning formal whip for when I ride astride.

..but still my problem with the cane was not solved. Back to E-bay I went and found this. This is an antique cane handle and according to the seller, is wider at the base. I will not receive it until next week since I just purchased it yesterday, but can't wait! Even better, most of the sidesaddle equipment is polished brass and this handle is gold plated!

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Sydney said...

wow thats neat. Gold plated. The only problem with that is gold plating wears off after a wile. Hopefully it's good quality.