Friday, May 22, 2009

Patterns..Patterns..and More Patterns!

These first several designs are from Ageless


Ash said...

I like the first picture, but I absolutely adore the sixth pic - the Victorian Style is so elegant!

sunvalleysally said...

Your seamstress can add additional "gores" into the apron for more fullness where it shows, if you wish. But I sure would think twice about trying to ride with an actual bustle. Not that it would hinder your position or effectiveness as a rider but because bustles bounce. A LOT. Most embarrassing!

Julie, this way out there but here goes, on the historical costume issue. There is a Remington painting (set of course in the West and most likely in Texas)of a cavalry officer escorting a sidesaddle rider. The era/period is about late 1800's and the lady's habit is very military - very dashing and tailored. If you ever decided to show/parade/drill with a western theme, you could try something like this. Some of the cowboy museums have had affordable prints made of this painting and sold them as fundraisers. It is a rare glimpse of an American West sidesaddle rider, well, that isn't an outlaw like Belle Starr, anyway! Many eras have had sidesaddle habits which reflect a military tradition particularly if a war was going on during that time period (esp. 1700's, all kinds of those!). But so few from the American West, unfortunately.

Julie said...

My sidesaddle suit will not have a bustle. That was a great visual description of a bouncing bustle! Don't need to do anything to embarass myself anymore than life already offers me! ha ha