Monday, May 18, 2009

More Photos From..

The Sidesaddle Club in Poland...or at least I think that is where they are from since I found these photos under their club Internet sight. Sadly since it was written in a language I do not understand I could not read it.


Hosanna said...

I love those riding habits. Once I can afford a sidesaddle, I'm going to give it a shot. I think one of my hunters would look swell going sidesaddle.

sunvalleysally said...

Julie, Google has a translater free online (under "other" google services on the Google page). You can copy and past into the to-be-translated box and choose whatever language into (or out of, for that matter) English. It's not great but gives the gist of the thing. If you have some experience with transliteration, that is probably more what the results are than a true "translation" but you'll still glean info from it.

Comment that the "skirts" are dangerously long. You do not want a horse's back foot to hook your skirt hem. Baaaaddddd wreck potential.

On historic "skirts" keep in mind there are ways to re-create the outfit so it looks like a skirt but you aren't trying to sit in the saddle on top of slippery folds of fabric. If you just can't get away from the whole skirt thing or make it work as a "apron masquerading as a skirt" then at least unstitch one of the seams up about 12" from the bottom of the hem and then re-close the opened seam with "baby" snaps (tiny snaps like on kids clothes) or velcro "dots". Then, if there is a fall, the circle of skirt hem will be less likely to trap your legs or catch on a pommel because it will pull apart.

Sydney said...

Cool pictures!

I've always wanted a side saddle.

I also found that wedge pad. Unfortunately it's a full wedge like this pad, and not raised in the back. It's not a cashel but a known brand name. Drat I forgot it in the barn maybe I'll venture out there and get it. You could always cut it. I have a pay it forward post coming up on my blog soon, if you want it stay tuned ;)

Sydney said...

Hate to double post but if you havent heard of suitability yet it might be worth a lookie see. They have sidesaddle costume patterns :D