Friday, May 29, 2009

More Antique Sidesaddle Stirrups & My Progress..

Although this stirrup was being crooned on the Internet as being an antique sidesaddle stirrup, I have my doubts. I thought I would post it to see if anyone else had any comments about it.

This unique beauty is made of aluminum! I believe it is still available on E-bay too.

Here is a unique hand forged stirrup. Said to be made for a sidesaddle, I believe if it were paired with another, it could easily be used on an astride saddle - although it is a bit feminineMy Progress:
To date I have only been able to have 1 sidesaddle lesson. The week after that lesson, my instructor was detained out of town with a horse show that was running much later than anticipated. Last week, I went to her farm with 2 horses. both Chastain, my sidesaddle horse and Oliver, my new boy. I was suppose to ride Oliver astride while she was giving a lesson to another one of her students and then my sidesaddle lesson was after that. I love that she always has other horses in the arena when she is giving lessons. Well, about half way into the other girls lesson the bottom dropped out of the sky and although the trainer does have a cover arena, it was lightening too, so we all decided to call it quits - just to be safe.

My next lesson is this Sunday morning and the weather is suppose to be perfect! Yeah!!!


sidesaddle rider said...

I don't know about this stirrup Julie. The only thing that really says sidesaddle about it is the large eye for the leather. It looks very ceremonial to me. Think of something along the lines of the Queen's drum horse.

Dunappy said...

I really love those antique stirrups, but those women in the day had tiny feet compared to me. mine aren't long but they are majorly wide. I've seen several of those old stirrups that my fat foot would never fit in. As for that first one you posted, I have a matched pair of stirrups very similar in shape and design as that one only in brass.

PS I love this blog I'm glad I stumbbled across it today.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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