Monday, April 6, 2009

Still Collecting Tack!

Okay - when I first started to research sidesaddle equipment, I thought I needed the same tack as a hunt seat aside rider would need. Thank God I did not buy that $100.00 Fitzwilliam girth, because since I will be competing against saddleseat riders, I found out I must use this girth instead!

I needed a 56" girth for my big boy and the longest they came in was 54, so I had to buy girth extenders.

I was allowed to opt for all black or all white items. That was a hard choice but in the end I decided on black, thinking it would blend in better. White just seemed to 'stand-out-ish" I am still not sure I made the right choice...but brown was not an option for the girth. I also purchased a black whip and will have my saddle repair guy sew a triangular piece of leather on the end of it.I also bought a black dressage saddle pad...hoping it will also help everything blend in. My saddle is dark brown and my riding habits will likely all be dark.

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