Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Modern Reproductions!

I thought I would leave you with a LOT of eye candy..since I have to leave again to cover another horse show. I will not be back until next week.

Not sure what era this is from...but YOWZA - is this not too cute?!

I wish I could have seen more pictures of this suit. Do you see the tassel? This is just too elegant!

This looks like a modern outfit to me...and yet it is still so pretty in the sidesaddle!

A little more historic..

A lot more historic...

Umm - although I think this is adorable, I think there must be a jacket that goes with it.


Unknown said...

woo hoo the first pic is bitless ;)

I have a lady that makes all my custom driving aprons for me. She wants so badly to make someoneone a sidesaddle costume after seeing the patterns in the book I brought her with my apron patterns in them.

sunvalleysally said...

Sydney - Past Patterns has an 1880 reproduction habit pattern made from a museum item. It looks plain on the pattern which is drawn for multiple sizings; however, I had it made up for me in midnight blue lightweight gabardine and it is absolutely gorgeous with a princess cut jacket (very figure flattering) and fairly full apron. Plus, the pattern was very easy to work with and sew with clear instructions.

One thing for the historic costumes that isn't "authentic" but a godsend if you are showing and don't have a lot of clothes-changing time available: instead of buttons and buttonholes just use velcro closing and sew the buttons on with "fake" buttonholes. My 1880 habit used 36 heart shaped antique white and blue buttons. Also, regarding hats, if you can find a milliner who will do a custom hat for you, it is definitely worth the expense. better yet, if you join a millinery group and learn to make your own it is truly a fun "blast from the past."

sunvalleysally said...

...and aren't our horses truly saints??? What with extra long aprons taking flight in the breeze...

Eva said...

Since you were talking about the grey and black suit: there are more pictures of it here:

Just click on "Fotogalerie" and then look for "Rasssemblement International
des Amazones
Carcassonne , Frankreich".