Sunday, April 26, 2009

An Amazing Gift!

Last Thursday I got home from work to find a package waiting for me at the barn door. I am waiting on a few things that are on back my girth! I did not think much about it. I scooped up the box and took it upstairs with me. Once I settled in and had a chance to look closer, I realized it was something different...something special! ..and this is what I found when I opened my gift!

Pam is a very special person in my life. Even though we have never met in person I really feel like I know her. You see, not only was she more than willing to share her sidesaddle riding experience, advice and suggestions with me..but we each lost horses that were very special to us at the same time.What are the 2 things that she sent me? Well, one is a girth extender that she used to use with her horse, given to me I am sure because I could not find a girth quite long enough and the other gift is a rare and unique antique sidesaddle stirrup! This Victorian era stirrup is hand made entirely of leather over a metal frame. It is classically tiny. I thought about taking a picture of my foot next to it...but did not want to embarrass myself! Pam, you were right when you said it would start a new collection for me! I will cherish it forever!!!

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WarPony said...

That stirrup is awesome! I bet I could fit my big toe into it. lol.

I wanted you to know I gave you an award on my blog. You aren't obligated to DO anything, just wanted to let you know!