Saturday, March 7, 2009

SASHA Horse Show

Meet Kristen Moore. She is only 14 years old and yet such a nice sidesaddle rider! This is her getting ready for an Arabian sidesaddle class at the SASHA show.

This was Kristen's second time showing aside. She rides with a farm called Ride Style Farm.

Here she is after being awarded the first place ribbon.

I wish I could say her class was full - but it was not. Kristen however made a spotless ride and a stunning presentation! Not sure if you can tell since her whole outfit is black, but here she is removing the sidesaddle skirt (or apron) before she dismounts.

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Chris said...

Hello there!

Long time since I've popped in here to see how your endeavours are going...

What gorgeous photos - she looks stunning!

Been at horse sales for a week and a half so hopefully can now catch up on all your posts! :D