Monday, March 30, 2009

More Art!

I have to admit, since I have taken an interest in sidesaddle...I seem to notice all things aside! Look at this lovely painting! Wouldn't you love to own this?

...or just a different angle makes this one so unique..

..or if UNIQUE is what you are looking for.....


sunvalleysally said...

That top habit looks to me like a Caldene from the Thirties or Forties esp. with the addition of the derby. LOVE the obviously English Thoroughbred AND the lovely straight position of the rider with the level thigh, something seldom seen in sidesaddle riders today.

Unfortunately I recently learned that Caldene is no longer making sidesaddle habits, which they did until I believe the mid-Eighties. I had one and very, very ill-advisedly sold it thinking I could replace it eventually. Not!!!

WarPony said...

OK, I love the hippo picture. lol.