Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Love My Readers!..

..because 99.9% of them know more than I do about riding aside!

Anyway - Sunvalleysally told me this:
Look for a picture of Patience Prine-Carr jumping sidesaddle over a 4-plus-foot fence at the Scottsdale All-Arabian show on her big chestnut - the straight-on shot made all the horse magazines that year and it was pretty impressive!

I tried like crazy to find that picture and all I came up with was this one...which is of Patience, but sadly I know this is not the horse you were talking about. This horse is obviously a bay - not a chestnut and the jump is not 4' tall....still VERY impressive though! ...and I sure hope the dog standing on the opposite side of the jump did not get hurt!
If anyone does find that particular photo, I would love to put it in the blog as it deserves all the credit!


Ellie said...

lol I love the that the jack Russell is right next to the fence where he is not supposed to be, how typical!

ellie and werther blog

sunvalleysally said...

Hey Ellie my JRT does the same thing. I built a "Gilligan's Island" jump for my WBX and my Jack loved hanging out under the palm tree.

Julie I think you can find Patience through her training barn in Calif. she is really active in Arabian sporthorse circles plus there used to be a california ladies sidesaddle group which she and her mom shepherded along for several years, no clue if it's still in existence.

You might try to find Toby Levy, who has some amazing stories and photos to share, Toby hunts I believe with the Los Altos Hunt, possibly also the Red Rock Hunt and in the past with the Woodbook Hunt Club (Tacoma, WA). She is without a doubt THE most elegant and accomplished SS rider esp. over fences, used to ride a giNORmous warmblood cross that had the biggest jump, no clue how she even rode that one cross saddle much less jumping aside.

Do consider finding the Doreen Archer Houblon book, any addition will do although the first version had the most in it - there is so much there about becoming a really effective rider aside, the jumping really is just the frosting on a very substantial "cake" of written instruction. If you haven't heard of October Farm, that is a horses-only rare bookseller that used to have a really good collection of sidesaddle books with old and new photos esp. of jumping aside.

sunvalleysally said...

oops I really can type and do know my usage. That should have been "edition" not "addition"! Sorry....