Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sidesaddle Toys?

Okay - Am I border line obsessing with this or what???..
..but how much fun is this?!

If only I had a bit more room in my home..

I believe I would have to start..

..a new...



SolitaireMare said...

I actually have that one of the Queen riding astride her black horse! I have also searched on Ebay in the hopes of finding that Breyer traditional sized model sidesaddle set for a great price.


WarPony said...

Well, I have to say as far as obsessions go it is a pretty darn cool one, don't you think?

I want to start a collection of prints of side saddle paintings. The first one I want is a little girl riding aside on her fat Shetland with her dog at their feet. It is CUTE!!!!

SweetAnnee said...

aren't those