Friday, January 23, 2009

The Sandwich Case

On the off side of a sidesaddle you will most likely have 2 small metal rings. These rings are where you would attach a small leather sandwich case.

These small cases were equip with a small tin box and a crystal flask. Traditionally a lady would wrap up a ham sandwich in a linen napkin (no sandwich spread was used so the small meal would not sour!) and the flask would either contain Sherry or Tea.

Depending on the age and condition of an antique sandwich case, the cost can be several hundred dollars!

..but if you enjoy sticking to tradition, what a lovely picture it makes!


Anonymous said...

Julie, I couldn't find a place to email you so I decided to post on here.

I found your blog through links from other blogs that I was randomly reading through tonight. My ten year old daughter rides saddlebreds and has her first academy show in a few weeks. She's showing a lot of promise already and we are shopping for saddles now.

I happened to notice your bio and just thought I'd mention that my daughter too was adopted. I can't wait to show her this blog too. Just a pleasant surprise to find both in the same place!

GoonrGrrl said...

I'm lucky enough to have a loffly old one that I inherited from my great aunt.

If you're shopping, you have to be sure to get the type that has the sandwich case AND the flask. Gentlemen's sandwich cases are smaller and only have the case; the flask is separate. The reason for this is that back in the day, no self-respecting lady would DARE be seen carrying "spirits" - the flask was concealed.