Monday, September 3, 2012

May I Introduce You To...

I thought it would be a good idea to 'cyber introduce' you to some of the most significant people in my life who are helping me make my life long dream come true.  I know I talk about these people quite often - but I wanted to put a face with a name for without any further delay may I introduce you to:

Sandra Currier - Head Trainer at Bluebonnet Farms,   Very Accomplished American Saddlebred trainer, rider AND sidesaddle rider!

Leslie Oconner - the Assistant Trainer at Bluebonnet Farms.  Equitation Instructor and rider extrodinaire and up and coming sidesaddle instructor.. well actually - she already is (forced by me!) but it is now impossible to hide my mistakes from her!

This is Thayleigh.. one of my Zumba instructors.  You may find it interesting that I included she and Sarah (below) in this post, but it is with their help that I have doubled my stamina for riding and more specifically trotting asisde, increasing my strength and DECREASING my weight!.... by the way, Thayleigh is the Mother of TRIPLETS!!!!..and I want her abs!!!

Still have a ways to go with these ladies, but thanks to them, I am not only doing it, but having a blast at the same time!!!  Sarah is pictured below, also has 3 children ~ only with different birth dates!
 ..and this is Karen Trevor, my corsetier.  I will not lie, I love the costuming and history of wearing a corset when I ride aside, but truth be told, without the support of this specific garment she created for me (well I actually own 2 and need to get another one made soon!) .. well I do not think my lower back would have lasted through all the intense training!  Karen can be contacted via facebook if you need a corset made and please tell her you saw this post!

Then there is this guy, whom I love to the depth of my soul.... even though he does not ride, faithfully helps to care for all of our animals including too many horses... has agreed to live above a barn (for now) instead of a traditional house and supports me all the way... or to just quote him, " I learned a long time ago that when you set your heart on doing something, it would be easier to stop an avalanche!" 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Each of you are playing a huge roll in helping me to fullfill a life long dream that once I thought was a passing fantasy.  I am so glad God brought each of you into my life... because come next August, Sport and I will be stepping out onto the green shavings of the World Championship horse show in Louisville and each of you will be with me!


Odinnsmeyjar said...

I cannot WAIT to watch you at Louisville!

James said...

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Nicole said...

My niece and I can't wait. We both love your blog and will enjoy taking the journey with you.
My niece wants me to say thank you for the recent pictures of girls on ponies. Her favorite. She still talks about the post you did wishing her a happy birthday.

JJ said...

I am so excited for Lousiville!! :)

Julie said...

Hi James - thank you so much for the invite, but these are not American Quarter Horses, they are American Saddlbred Horses..won't that be a bit strange?

Mary Ann Wells said...

I live in Kentucky, and will be going to the World Championship next year to watch you. Are you planning to take Sport side saddle ? Also, in the photo of you and your husband , I could not help but notice the print of "Three Horses in a Storm"' aka 'Pharohs Horses', by JF Herring ( sp ?). My great aunt had one framed in the ornate round frames from the late 1800's . My sister and I would stand under it and stare the whole time we were visiting ( 3 days at a time). She said the print was available by sending in Folgers coffee labels. I found a print in an antique shop and yes, I put mine in an antique , ornate, gold frame. I love it.

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