Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Maybe a Christmas Wish.....

I found a wonderful collection of creative tack trunks.  Sometimes horse people just amaze me at how creative they are!!! 
This one is just elegant! - love the stained/varnished wood.
This one obviously is the Mother - Daughter version!

 Great use of space here.  I could see one of these for each person who boarded their horse with me.. (in the future!!)
..and another.  Love the pull outs.

short on space?  This person used a small portion of the horses stall for a tack trunk.

 Here is a basic closet tack trunk.

Now - for a few ideas out of the box..
..and what about a mobil tack 'trunk'?

Hello!  How great is this for a tacking area! 

..and this clever girl designed a washable saddle rack pad with lots of storage poclets!!!


Firefly said...

Where did you find the saddle rack pad covers I need one.

Julie said...

this is one person who makes the saddle rack covers

noles1128 said...

do you know who sells these cabinets??

Anonymous said...

Looking for the saddle rack with wheels. Where did you find it? I tried getting people to make it with no luck. Love the link if you have it.